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How to Finance Your Company’s Return to the Office

As the COVID restrictions we’ve become accustomed to begin to fade away, the thought of returning to what we once knew as “normal” seems more attainable than ever. Many have spent the last year reminiscing about the daily events that we once took for granted. Be it grocery shopping, family gatherings, or even going into the office for work, the things we once considered normal became something we missed.

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The Traditional Office is Dead, Long Live the NEW Office

While adjusting to the work from home lifestyle was a challenge for many, at this point it’s been widely adopted as our new normal. As vaccines roll out and COVID rates have begun to drop, many have been left questioning what the future holds for traditional offices.

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Why are People Leaving California?

Even before the ongoing global pandemic, people had begun leaving California, hoping for fewer financial challenges in various new locations. That being said, the COVID pandemic has increased the number of California’s, leaving the state even more significantly.

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