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The central banks change target interest rates in direct response to economic activity: raising those rates when the economy is strong, and lowering them when the economy slows. The Fed changes the rate at which banks borrow money directly affecting the loan rates and terms in the commercial lending sector.  At Innovative Capital, we keep the whole picture in mind as we source not only the best rates but the best terms for your unique lending profile. 

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Why use Innovative Capital to get the best rates?

Rates tell part, but not the whole story.  While the rates tables below can give you an overview of the market conditions, the process of obtaining capital involves a complex set of criteria that affect the rates for which you qualify and the terms of your loan.

For example: You may shop your loan need to 1 or 2 financial institutions, but how can you know if the rates and terms you’ve been quoted are better than a third option? The time it takes to apply can nullify the reason for the loan effectively taking you, the borrower off of the field of play while you shop your financing needs to multiple lenders.

Using Innovative Capital streamlines the whole process and allows you to see the field of offers and make the choice that is best for you.  Our Loan Officers have relationships with commercial bankers and private money lenders across the country and know their appetite for certain loan types.

We do this every day.

While you may apply for 1 –  5 loans in a lifetime, we broker thousands of loans every year.  This expertise and experience allows us to get you the best rates and terms, whatever the economic climate. Our fees are often offset by the dramatic reduction in rates or improvement in terms we source for our clients and are always offset by the time and effort we save you.

Real Estate Investment

Faster, more streamlined, customized to you. This is how lending should be. When you’ve had enough of the endless complexity of traditional commercial lending and want a creative funding option, our team at Innovative Capital is here to offer much-needed relief. We aim to find the right funding solution for your unique borrowing needs.

Working Capital

We, like many of our clients, embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and understand the need for working capital. Allow our experienced team of experts find the right solution for your business. We can help your business obtain lines of credit, asset-based loans, or factoring and purchase order financing.

Commercial Loans

We obtain capital for growth, acquisitions, recapitalizations, and refinances. After the seemingly endless complexities of traditional loan processes, allow our experienced team of experts at Innovative Capital lend you a hand. We partner with our commercial banking partners and private lenders to ensure that you solidify the best rates and terms while eliminating the heavy lifting of your funding needs.

Fix & Flip

Don’t wait around for opportunity to knock twice. Traditional lending processes don’t provide the speed to fund in order to take control of assets. Prepayment penalties add additional expenses when you sell. At Innovative Capital, we combine years of expertise in both commercial banking and private lending to find the right funding solution to meet your unique needs.

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