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How Much Does It Cost to Work With Innovative Capital?

When you work with Innovative Capital, you leverage our knowledge, lender network, and internally developed technology to shop multiple lenders, giving you a strategic advantage to find the best loan.

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We value transparency, please find common fee related questions and answers:

How much does it cost to work with Innovative Capital and when do they receive Payment?

  • Innovative Capital receives payment in Escrow after we perform and provide a lending solution that our client chooses as their preferred option.    
  • We provide a Fee Agreement after understanding the financing scenario and considering the company resources needed to perform for the client. 
    • Our Fee starts at $10,000 or a percentage of the loan amount whichever is greater, paid in escrow. *Private Capital Loans are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and can incur increased fees.
    • The client has the option to include the fee in the gross loan amount.
  • Factors that influence Innovative Capital Fees
    • Lending Complexity
    • Borrower Credit
    • Business Financials
    • Time To Fund

What if I chose a loan that Innovative Capital did NOT source?

  • When our client has additional lending options, not sourced by ICC, they would have the option to choose that loan.  
  • In this scenario, Innovative Capital would not consider our fee earned.  
  • We would advise our client regarding their available options. If they chose a loan we didn't source, we would provide our loans as a backup solution. 
  • If our client chooses a loan we didn't source, we value our client's relationship and look forward to helping our client in the future.

What risk do I have working with Innovative Capital?

Innovative Capital was founded in 2007 to leverage our knowledge, network, and internally developed technology to provide a better lending experience for our clients. We intend to provide a no-risk all reward scenario for our clients.

How do I know I can trust working with Innovative Capital?

What will I receive for the Innovative Capital Fee?

  • Save Money
    • Due to our loan volume and lender relationships, we receive better rates than clients could acquire independently.
    • Over the loan term, our reduced rates pay for our fees and can provide considerable savings over the loan term.
    • We help negotiate additional bank fees requested by the lender to save our clients money.
  • Save Time
    • We have decades of experience in lending and have created technology to shop multiple banks quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced Risk
    • We shop numerous lenders we know have an appetite for your loan request.
    • Our strategy provides loan options, ensuring that our clients are not dependent on one lender to perform.
    • We are eliminating an "All eggs in one basket" scenario.
  • Improved Opportunity Cost
    • The time we save our clients allows them to focus on higher priorities like their business and family.

What type of Loans do you offer?

How do I get started?

Please fill out the Request a Quote form below and tell us about your financing request. A member of our team will contact you to schedule a conversation and help advise you of your financing options.

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