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Innovative Capital Company began in 2007, right before the last Great Recession. We intend to provide innovative solutions for our clients seeking capital. Little did we know how innovative we would need to be to survive as an organization. This challenging time and our trial by fire only made us stronger and wiser.
Today we serve our clients by leveraging our experience, a constantly-evolving bank network, and in-house private capital. We continue to make investments in fintech to support our team so they can provide excellent service to their clients. Our reputation is built upon an honest, straightforward approach. We can fund loans within seven days, solve complex financing challenges, and find the best rate and terms for our clients. If you’re interested in learning more about our team, please find available positions below and a form to apply.

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Commercial Relationship Manager

Position Duties:
Investigate all available sources of credit and financial information, including reporting services, credit bureaus, external and internal reports, and results prior to review. The position relies heavily on one’s professional education in the fields of Finance and Accounting and requires that he or she evaluate complex financial data, including intricate credit analysis, evaluation of market share, income growth, and management quality of business plans presented as intended areas of funding within financing provided through loans and extensions of credit by Innovative Capital.

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