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Innovative Capital offers a wide range of commercial loans – connect with us today, and we’ll find the best option, tailored to your needs.

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Types of Commercial Loans

At Innovative Capital, we want to find the type of commercial loan that fits your needs, and makes the most sense for your business. Here are some of the loans we help you secure. We serve our clients by leveraging our network of the best and brightest bankers along with our in house private capital. Connect with us to find out how we can help you get the best rates and terms for your business.

Fix or Flip

Loans used by real estate investors to purchase and renovate a property and then sell for a profit.


Business loans that are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, a government agency which provides loan guarantees of up to 90% of the loan amount through SBA-approved lender banks.


This involves a process in which a business sells its accounts receivable (invoices) to a third party (known as a factor) at a discount, in order to get working capital.This is not technically a business loan - it’s the sale of an asset (the invoice).

Lines of Credit

This option lets you borrow a certain amount, and pay interest only on the portion of money you borrow. You can draw and repay funds at your convenience, as long as you don’t exceed your credit limit.

Business Acquisition

This is a commercial loan specifically designed for either purchasing an existing business, or opening up a new franchise.


Capital Expenditures are funds that are used by a company to acquire, upgrade and maintain physical assets (like property, buildings, equipment etc).

Franchise Financing

These types of loans are specifically geared towards helping to cover the costs associated with opening up a franchise.

Commercial Owner user RE

Owner-User is used for acquiring, refinancing, and constructing owner occupied commercial real estate properties.

Commercial Investment

These loans are geared towards investing in real estate.

Private Capital/
Hard Money Loan

Loan providing a fast close within 7 days and utilizes our in house capital to provide financing solutions where traditional financing is limited. This financing option is commonly referred to as a bridge loan providing a solution until we can refinance to traditional financing.

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