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Innovative Capital began in 2007, just before the Great Recession. We exist to revolutionize commercial lending by prioritizing the success of businesses. Our core purpose is to empower entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors by providing tailored, accessible, and expedited commercial loan solutions. We believe in challenging the status quo of traditional lending, ensuring that every business, regardless of their situation, can thrive with the proper financial support.

We achieve our mission by serving as both a direct commercial lender and a comprehensive loan brokerage. By leveraging our extensive network and deep industry knowledge, we navigate the complex lending landscape on behalf of our clients. We offer swift funding options in as little as 7 days, addressing the financial needs that banks may overlook. Our team’s expertise and commitment enable us to identify and secure the most suitable loan structures for each client’s unique business goals.

Innovative Capital offers specialized commercial lending services tailored to suit diverse business needs. As a direct lender, we swiftly fund loans that banks often decline. Additionally, as a brokerage, we harness our network and expertise to source the ideal loan from various lenders. We prioritize personalized attention, transparency, and unmatched dedication to ensure our clients secure the right financial solutions to fuel their business growth.

How is ICC different from a bank?  

ICC is a direct lender funding loans from our Innovative Capital Income Fund. We also utilize a diverse network of commercial lenders with varying appetites, providing a wide range of commercial loans. Our approach provides clients with multiple solutions guided by an experienced Loan Officer to help them find the right loan. A traditional banker is interested in deposit accounts and is limited to the lending solutions they can provide. For example, if a business needs to fund a loan quickly, the bank can’t provide that option. Or, if the business has less than two years of financial history, a bank would have challenges approving the loan. There are alternative lending options for different financing scenarios. In our experience, business owners are experts in their industries but lack knowledge of commercial lending.

Innovative Captial works on behalf of our clients to provide them with a strategic advantage to find the right financing. We are not burdened with deposit relationships or limited by one bank’s loan options. We focus on helping our clients achieve the best-suited funding for their business goals. Our clients value multiple lending options guided by an experienced Loan Officer advising them to make the right commercial financing decision.

What services can ICC provide for my business?  

ICC specializes in commercial lending, offering a wide range of lending solutions to support the needs of our clients. We work to ensure business owners and real estate investors receive the resources they need to find the best-suited financing. As a direct lender, we can fund deals considered “un-bankable” or need to be funded quickly. Banks will typically take at least 60 days to fund a loan. ICC can fund in as little as 7 days. When traditional financing is the ideal solution we will utilize our lending network to shop multiple lenders to provide multiple options. This strategy allows our clients to compare multiple quotes so they can choose the loan that is best suited to their needs.

ICC is active in the business community, developing a diverse network of seasoned business professionals serving the needs of business owners. Tell us about your business, goals, and any challenges you are experiencing. We will tap into our experienced network to help provide a solution.

What is a Hard Money Loan and how does it work?

Also known as private capital, it’s funded by private individuals, mortgage pools, and insurance companies. Real estate serves as collateral, terms are agreed upon, and a deed is recorded against the property. To learn more visit: www.inncap.com/hard-money-loans

What are the benefits of using Private Capital?

Flexibility in fund usage, interest-only payments in most cases, and terms ranging from 1-3 years are some advantages. Borrowers aren’t bound by stringent credit requirements and have access to capital for loans that banks won’t approve. When time is of the essence, Innovative Capital can fund a loan within 7 days. To learn more visit: www.inncap.com/hard-money-loans

What is protective Equity? 

Protective equity equals the difference between the loan amount and property value.  

What if I already have a mortgage on my Property? 

Second Trust Deeds are available but usually come with high interest rates. Often, the first mortgage is paid off, providing cash-out options.

What should I know before getting a private Money loan? 

Collateral risk exists, and private money loan originators must be licensed. Most investors avoid lending on land or participating in joint ventures. You can look up the lender to see reviews from past clients. Searching the company on the Better Business Bureau will also show you if they have any formal unresolved complaints.

What if my credit score is low? 

ICC’s diverse financing solutions accommodate various credit profiles, providing tailored options. Let’s start a conversation to learn more about your unique scenario. We can offer helpful insight.

How much does it cost to work with ICC?

Payment is received in escrow after providing a lending solution. Fees are determined based on financing scenarios. To learn more about our pricing visit: www.inncap.com/pricing

How long does the loan take to process? 

Private capital loans typically take 7-10 business days, while bank financing may take a minimum of 60 days.

What types of loans does ICC Fund? 

ICC offers Fix & Flip, RE Investment, SBA, Factoring, Lines of Credit, Business Acquisition, CAPX, Franchise Financing, Commercial Owner-User RE, Commercial Investment, and Bridge Loans. To learn more visit: www.inncap.com/commercial-loans

What is a point, and will there be a point associated with the loan?

A point equals 1% of the loan amount. Hard money loans typically carry between 2 & 6 points depending on the scenario and the resources needed to fund the loan.

What is the process to submit a loan request?

A strategic process involves understanding your needs, gathering financial information, underwriting the deal, advising on options, formulating a strategy, presenting to banks, and negotiating multiple offers. Learn more about how our process works: www.inncap.com

What are my options when my commercial loan matures?

ICC assists in refinancing loans at maturity, aiming to secure the best terms aligned with your financing goals.

Are you a direct lender or a loan brokerage?

ICC functions as both, leveraging our Income Fund and a network of financial institutions to provide diverse options.

Why should I use ICC instead of my bank?

ICC connects businesses with financing experts, presenting multiple options and enhancing negotiation power. When you work with a bank, you will only receive that bank’s options, and you won’t have additional options to compare. Applying with one bank increases the risk of being turned down and not receiving a loan in the time frame it’s needed. This can delay the business’s ability to receive the needed financing, creating added stress on the business. We advise our clients not to put all of their eggs in one basket. Know your options so you can choose the best lending solution.

What down payment do I need?

Typically, a safe rule is a 30% down payment. There are options for lower down payments. Let us know your financing wish list, and we will advise regarding available options.

How do I get a quote?

Contact us to discuss your business needs and explore the solutions we recommend. To get started visit our website, submit a form and we will be in touch quickly to start a conversation. You can start here: www.inncap.com/reviews

How do you save me money?

Leveraging a wide bank network, negotiating rates and fees, and offering information to reduce expenses. Reducing your risk of being turned down and working quickly to find a new solution. Oftentimes, this leads to deal fatigue, where a business will take any loan rather than the best-suited loan.

How do you save me time?

Proactive file review, developing a professional loan summary, presenting to multiple banks simultaneously, and offering in-house private capital solutions streamline the process.

How do you solve problems before they come up?

Expert file preparation minimizes underwriting challenges, and in-house capital solutions provide alternatives when traditional financing isn’t feasible.

Innovative Capital Corporation offers comprehensive financing solutions backed by a commitment to understanding and addressing each client’s unique needs. Contact us today for a tailored financing strategy.

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