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When exploring commercial lending options, businesses often face many choices, each with its own advantages and considerationsDifferent banks have different appetites for risk and offer different types of loansTheir appetite and funding options change regularly, making it extremely difficult for a business owner to know their best optionsPrivate capital also known as hard money emerges as a powerful and flexible financing solution for businesses and real estate investors navigating unique financial circumstances. But what capital source is the optimal choiceThis is why Innovative Capital was founded in 2007, to provide helpful resources to our clients navigating their commercial lending optionsPlease find additional information to help you understand when private capital can be an advantageous option

1. Speed and Flexibility 

Time Sensitivity: Private capital excels in situations demanding swift action. Traditional lending processes are time-consuming, whereas private capital offers rapid evaluations and funding, closing deals within days.  Typically, we can review and approve a loan request in 24 hours with an LOI provided to the client outlining loan terms.  As a comparison, we fund private capital loans in 7-10 days.  When we broker an institutional capital loan takes approximately 60 days.  When time is a crucial element of your deal.  Private Capital is your best resource.   

Flexible Terms: Businesses facing unconventional circumstances or lacking comprehensive financial documentation will find traditional loans won’t provide the financing required. Private capital, with its more flexible terms and collateral options, accommodates such scenarios efficiently.   

2. Unique Situations and Opportunities

Bridge Financing: When traditional financing falls short and immediate funding is critical, private capital serves as a bridge, providing short-term solutions until longer-term financing is available.    When a business works with Innovative Capital, we start the conversation by discussing the business goals.  Our clients will gain a strategic advantage by utilizing our knowledge, experience, and network to help them achieve their unique objectives.  

Innovative Capital leverages private and institutional capital to tailor lending solutions that perfectly match our clients’ requirements. This approach gives us a significant edge in identifying the ideal loan. Our risk-free pricing ensures that our fees are contingent upon successfully securing the loan that you select as the most suitable option.

3. Credit History and Risk Profile  

Credit Challenges: Businesses facing less-than-ideal credit scores or complex financial backgrounds often encounter rejection from traditional lenders. Lenders’ risk appetites vary widely, underscoring the importance of identifying suitable lending partners for accessing financing options. A comprehensive grasp of commercial financing options tailored to each unique scenario empowers better decision-making, directly impacting a business’s success and its support for employees and customers. 

Innovative Capital was established to guide our clients through their options, leveraging our experience and extensive lending network. We empathize with the frustration and challenges business owners face when seeking the right loan—particularly when juggling multiple responsibilities, managing their businesses, and caring for their families. Having encountered a diverse array of credit histories, we specialize in providing lending solutions precisely suited to each situation. 

 High-Risk Endeavors: Projects or industries perceived as high-risk by conventional lenders often find support through private capital. These providers assess risk differently, considering the potential return on investment. 

4. Growth and Expansion Initiatives 

Rapid Growth: Businesses experiencing rapid growth might require immediate capital to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Private capital supports expansion plans promptly, without lengthy approval processes.  Alternative lending options are available for businesses that don’t have 2 years of credit history required by most banks. 

Innovation and Startups: New ventures or businesses operating in innovative fields sometimes struggle to secure traditional loans due to the absence of established financial histories. Alternative lending, like private capital can inject the necessary funds to kickstart ventures. 

5. Strategic Business Needs 

Customized Solutions: Private capital providers often tailor solutions according to the business’s unique needs, crafting financing packages aligned with strategic objectives. 

Non-Conventional Business Models: Companies with unconventional business models or industries not favored by traditional lenders often find private capital more receptive to their funding needs. 

Private capital emerges as a versatile, adaptable, and rapid solution for businesses facing specific financial challenges or seeking immediate funding. Understanding its role as an alternative to traditional lending sources allows businesses to leverage the right financial tools at the right time, propelling their growth and success. 

For businesses navigating unique financial circumstances, exploring private capital options might unlock opportunities that conventional lenders cannot accommodate. Understanding commercial lending options and providing the best suited path forward is why Innovative Capital exists.  Save yourself the frustration and loss of time and money.  Lets start a conversation! 

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