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Our team at Innovative Capital Corporation is excited to welcome our newest member, Nick Leonard. Nick is joining our Innovative Capital team from Hendricks County Bank and Trust (HCBT)  as a Commercial Loan Officer. Nick’s experience in business management accounting, real estate and lending makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Get to know Nick below!

Nick is a UC Santa Barbara graduate–Go Gauchos!–with a degree in economics. After graduating college, he began at PwC before venturing into forensic accounting and discovering the niche of business management accounting. Nick spent the last seven years working at HCBT, in which he engaged directly with between 10 and 13 high net worth clients at a time, as well as cut his teeth in learning about commercial real estate and lending.  

Learn more about our newest team member by watching the video below.




How Did you Find Out About InnCap?

Nick reflects, “I came to find out about InnCap through a friend of mine, Bob Williamson, who’s going be my partner out here in Arizona at Innovative Capital. His good friend from growing up is Brent Arteaga-Biggs, who’s one of the partners down in San Diego, along with Travis.

 In late 2021,  I spoke to Brent several times to see if it would be a good fit for me, ultimately leading us to meet up in San Diego earlier this year. Our like-minded, entrepreneurial spirit allowed us to hit it off from the start.  One of the best things about InnCap is it’s centered around the clients, in order to help them find the best opportunities for them.”

Why Are You Excited to Work at InnCap?

Nick explains two exciting aspects of working at InnCap which will pair well with his accounting experiences and practices. “First, there’s the commercial lending side dealing with real estate owners, on the other hand there’s the lending side dealing directly with businesses to help them grow and scale. Above that, working with the individuals at InnCap who have a wealth of knowledge allows the versatility and creativity to help these clients.”

What Drew You to InnCap?

Nick explains that cumbersome restrictions surrounding lenders in his accounting background helped draw him towards InnCap. Nick expands, stating “InnCap does offer flexibility to clients. It [also offers] a variety of solutions to clients depending on their appetite. I think working outside of regular banking parameters is a huge value add to any and all clients.” 

What Has been Your Experience so Far?

“So far, we’re in the preliminary stages of starting here in Arizona and the Southwest. Having met with the partners and a couple others from the office has been great, they’ve been very supportive. The team is consistently reaching out, and are an incredible resource for us at this point while we get started. Everyone’s very excited about expanding in the Southwest, and I think that’s a great notion to have going into a new market.”

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