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As a CPA, you are the trusted advisor your clients turn to for business acquisition, property acquisition, retirement solutions, and major wealth events. When clients need a mortgage, you might recommend a mortgage broker to get them the best possible rates and terms. When your client is looking for a loan to acquire a business or a property, why not leverage the industry insight of a business and real estate loan broker? 

Lending preferences vary from bank to bank.  While some commercial bankers lean towards non-asset-based lending, others are more inclined to offer SBA loans.  When a client’s needs are complex, the time it takes to go to one bank, only to find that the terms are not suitable is a luxury few buyers can afford. Speed of close can be the difference between the deal being done and the opportunity being lost. 

When faced with the challenge of obtaining capital for a project, borrowers have the option of turning to traditional lenders or pursuing more unconventional means. “Traditional” lenders are local banks or the Small Business Administration (SBA), whereas unconventional refers to the various types of alternative lending resources. 

When clients have loan needs, exploring both traditional banks and alternative lending sources can provide the best options in terms, traits and timing. With the rise in popularity of Fintech, borrowers expect to see options laid out for them from more than one source contributing to the growth of non-traditional lending sources. 

Partnering with a business loan broker or loan officer can source the best rates and terms that make sense for clients seeking funding.  The team at Innovative Capital spends all day every day talking to lenders of all types. Our loan officers can help identify the right partner to fulfill your clients’ capital needs. The partnerships that we develop allow our team to identify the source that is most likely to fund your venture. 

Our recently funded deals span from commercial real-estate fix and flips to business acquisitions and everything in between. As a CPA, you can share resources to help your clients navigate tax issues, compliance issues, retirement planning, and now, with Innovative Capital business and real estate funding.

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