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Our team at Innovative Capital Corporation is excited to welcome our newest employee, Andrew Williams. Andrew is joining our Innovative Capital team from Axos Bank as a Commerical Loan Officer. We are excited to work alongside him and use his skills to continue sourcing the right deals for our clients. Get to know Andrew below!


How did you begin a career in the Commercial Lending Industry?

“I graduated from UC San Diego. I did my undergrad there and I was a Mechanical Engineering major for about three years before I swapped over to Management Science, which was a business economics type major. From there, I ended up going to what is now known as Axos Bank, which is Bank of Internet, a federal bank.

I started as a commercial loan officer on the lending side for the bank. I didn’t know what I was doing so it was a good stepping stone. They taught me everything in the commercial industry that I needed to know.

From there, I worked with Innovative Capital and Brent for about five years. Brent was basically one of my first clients. I got to know him pretty well, we built a relationship,  and then he offered me a job this past year, and probably previous years before, but I wasn’t ready to move over just yet.

Eventually, I started looking at my options and found that Innovative Capital was the most competitive in terms of pay for transitioning over to the broker side. It seemed like the next natural step in line from a lender originator to a broker. I took that leap and now I’m here!”


What Drew You to InnCap?

“What drew me to Innovative Capital was several things. One of them is that they’re not a large firm. There’s a lot of other brokerage firms out there that are really big which causes, in my eyes, a lot of issues where you’re working with one person. Especially when you’re working with another person who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

A lot of beginners go to the larger firms just because they get a lot more business that way. Another thing is after working with Brent and his team over the course of five years, they’ve shown me they know what they’re doing.

They understand how commercial real estate works. They know how to do debt service and cash flow. They know how to structure a loan, which made me feel comfortable…

Coming over to Brent’s side was very exciting for me. I was happy to be working with people who knew what they were doing. [I was happy] that we’re a smaller firm, where you weren’t just going to become a number. They’re very personable and great to talk to. I really like this team and am happy to be working for them.”


What Excites You the Most About Working With InnCap?

“What excites me about InnCap is that they’re a smaller firm, but they also have a lending side to them. They do their own private lending. The bank I previously worked at had the ability, obviously, to do brokering but we just did lending.

Being able to do both at a firm of this size is great because it opens up a lot more options for substitutions. If you can’t find something through a normal bank, you can usually structure something here that can work for the client.

The other cool thing is coming over to Innovative versus other firms is they don’t have that lending aspect to them. This means I get to work with my old company, Axos Bank, which is great. I’ll be able to structure deals that both Axos and Innovative will be able to fund in the end, which I’m pretty excited about. I feel there’s a lot more opportunity here to help build up their business.”


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