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Private Capital

Innovative Capital uses in-house private capital to provide financing solutions when our clients need to close quickly or have a project that does not qualify for traditional financing. Call 619-295-8800 to discuss how we can assist you.

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Why use Private Capital/Hard Money?

  • Speed: You’ll be able to close within 5-7 days, rather than wait 45-60 days with traditional financing.
  • Less restrictions mean less underwriting, and less headaches.
  • Guaranteed to close: You can leverage your collateral to acquire the capital you need for your business.
  • Short Term: We’ll help you refinance to traditional financing at the ideal time for you.

Private Capital

Innovative Capital maintains a diverse network of investors. Our in-house underwriting capability allows us to customize loans to suit each client’s individual needs. With our ability to solve unusual challenges, we can navigate through any scenario.

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Construction Loans

In non-traditional lending situations, often bridge, private capital or equity financing is necessary. Since we’re able to make in-house underwriting decisions, Innovative Capital can quickly analyze construction projects and get them funded within as little as seven business days.

Commercial Properties

Navigating commercial lending can be tricky due to numerous underwriting platforms and frequently changing regulations. When you work with our team, you won’t have to worry about going from bank to bank to get an approval. Our financial network lets us match your financing needs with the best programs available.

Single & Multi-Family Residential

As multiple investors chase a decreasing pool of properties, the market has become increasingly competitive. Innovative Capital’s platform allows us to size your loan and provide pricing within one business day.

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