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Our team at Innovative Capital Corporation is excited to welcome our newest member, Justin Kizy. Justin’s experience as a real estate attorney and his familiarity working within the commercial loan industry will make him an invaluable asset to the Innovative Capital Corporation team. He focuses primarily on real estate and business, such as commercial loan transactions and real estate transitions.

Justin graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2018. Following his graduation, Justin moved to and worked out of Michigan. Currently, Kizy works with clients both from California and Michigan.

Learn more about our newest team member by watching the video below!

How Did You Find Out About Innovative Capital?

While working as a real estate attorney in the commercial loan industry, Justin discovered his passion for bringing people together with the opportunities created by commercial loans.

He reflects, “I just think these opportunities are exciting!”

Justin’s experience in representing borrowers expanded his interest beyond the business aspect of commercial loans. He became intrigued by how these opportunities could change the lives of the borrowers.

He figured Brent Arteaga-Biggs could use a hand in the mid-west and decided to reach out. Now, Kizy’s part of the Innovative Capital team.

How Has Your Experience Been So Far with the Innovative Capital Team?

Justin emphasizes the prominence of support and encouragement in the Innovative Capital team. In addition to these attributes, Justin notes that there are shared common goals and a motivated mindset amongst the team members.

Justin adds, “It’s those qualities that are very special and can be pretty rare in a company of any size.”

How Will Your Past Experience Help You in Your New Venture with InnCap?

Justin has gained knowledge from his past experience and plans to use the information to his advantage. His background as a real estate attorney in the commercial loan industry allows him to look at situations through a different lens and with a unique approach.

“I think it creates an added value,” Justin concludes.

What Excites You the Most About Working With InnCap?

Justin is the most excited about the opportunity Innovative Capital provides for people. After maintaining relationships with their banks for decades, people are often turned down when seeking ways to invest, explore new opportunities, or if they simply need something.

InnCap provides solutions to this issue by utilizing its existing network, relationships, and experiences to create opportunities for its clients. “InnCap is bigger than just businesses and helping the client get the funds they need,” Justin explains, “it creates opportunity. “

This opportunity could just be the start of someone’s career, business venture, or livelihood and touches lives, in that sense, for the long term.

“It’s a little slice of the American dream – putting people in a position where they’re able to explore the opportunities they wish to,” Justin believes.

Meet the Team

Our expert team of Commercial Loan Officers at Innovative Capital has the resources to source the best rate and term for your next capital venture. Meet the rest of our team here.

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