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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Sometimes being a commercial banker can feel like you’re Scrooge, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Financial lending is tough right now. But we’re here to help you stop being Scrooge, and start being Santa for your clients. 

Obviously, nobody can promise the perfect deal to their clients every time. Even the most perfect investment opportunities have to be put through the various processes for approval. That being said, it can be devastating to your clients to jump through all the hoops just to end up with a fat “NO” at the end of it. 

You’re often stuck in a sticky situation at that point because even if you want nothing more than to help them earn the investment they’re looking for, it’s not always possible within your capabilities. That’s where the Innovative Capital team comes in. 

You might not be able to avoid the ‘no’ entirely and we might not be able to either in every case. But what we’re here to help with is changing your ‘no’ into a ‘no but…’ 

When a client is turned down by a bank after investing time and effort into trying to make a deal happen, they’re no doubt feeling discouraged, frustrated, and in most cases, probably don’t know where to turn next. At Innovative Capital, our goal is to be the resource you can turn to avoid another series of hoops with a different bank. Instead of giving your client another ‘no’, let us help you be the Santa they’re wishing for and offer them a ‘no, but I can introduce you to someone that can help.’

Innovative Capital partners not only with private investors but also maintains relationships with various banks as referral business partners. Our goal is to remove the barriers and complications involved in jumping from one bank to the next. We not only want to help the clients that you are unable to, but we also want to help you find new business opportunities.

If you want to stop feeling like Scrooge this holiday season and want to be jolly ole Saint Nick, reach out to us about building a referral partnership. 

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